husky dog snow fb alerts cr4When you bring your pet to us, we are going to treat it as if it was ours.

Whether it is just a wellness checkup or serious medical situation, here at West Shore Animal Clinic, we will provide you the Gold Standard of Veterinary Medicine. This is your family member, and you should not settle for anything less for them.

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cat veterinarian visit You work hard for your money, so why not get the most bang for your buck?

Here are a few things that you should keep in mind when visiting your Veterinarians' office.

We are proud to share that our Client Care Specialist, Lisa, is now trained to be a Tick Smart Educator by University of Rhode Island's TickSmart Community Health Resource Center!

Lisa receives her Tick Smart Educator certificate TickSmart Educators learn about and practice using best-in-class tick bite protection tools and strategies. She now has the resources to help you and your pet keep safe year-round! Ticks do not go away here in Rhode Island - remember to use flea and tick prevention 12 months of the year.

West Shore Animal Clinic and Lisa also are TickEncounter Preventative Partners (TEPP). TEPPs help engage, educate, and empower people to take appropriate actions to prevent tick bites and the often-serious diseases that ticks can transmit. They are committed to improving the health of the communities and the people they serve.

We are thrilled to share that West Shore Animal Clinic passed the 1-year American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) Accreditation evaluation with high ratings!

AAHA logoOur doctors and staff spent weeks preparing and going over the hundreds of criteria questions to execute and present prior to the in-house evaluation. The AAHA standards are updated multiple times a year, so protocols are constantly changing and need to be improved. We even added a brand new stand-alone dental suite this past year that now adheres to one of their specifications!

The evaluation process is very rigorous, and will continue every 3 years. We are so proud to be accredited by AAHA! This designation is only given to 15% of veterinary practices in the United States and Canada.

Being an AAHA hospital also means that your pet will be taken care of by veterinarians who know cutting-edge medicine and best practices. 

Learn more about the AAHA accreditation and what it means for you and your pet here.

Protect your petTo better protect your dog against Lyme disease, we are now carrying the newest, most comprehensive vaccine.

This new vaccine is unlike any other on the market, which is why any dog that has been vaccinated against Lyme disease previously will require an additional series of two vaccinations followed by a yearly booster vaccine.

Please call us today at (401) 738-3447 to schedule your dog's vaccination and ensure your pet gets the best protection available.